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ILIOS studio is located to the village of Skala, close to the beach, opossite the Church of Saint Anargyron, only 30 meters away from the sea.

Ilios is very close to the port, next to the marina for mooring boats and between the two organized and clean beaches of Skala, where you can swim.

The Studios are fully furnished, very neat, clean, quiet and their balconies are located above an evergreen garden with trees and not only.

Also they have got a fully equipped multikichenette, cupboards, fridge, television, air condition and toilet with bathroom. Also at our compound you can find available parking for your cars.

Right and left from the Studios there are picturesque tavernas and cafe, where you can eat or take a cup of coffee, ice creams and beverages. Also close there are a supermarket, a shop with fishing products and other shops with summer products.


We are waiting to accommodate you and to offer you family and relaxing vacations.


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